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Specialist Services

Valuable equipment and IT equipment relocation services

At Quest Logistics, our Specialist Services and IT Logistics team knows all about collecting, removing, and delivering high-value, business-critical, and often fragile equipment (it’s what comes of over 20 years’ experience in photocopier relocation).

So whether it’s IT removals you need - to relocate servers and other assets - or specialist handling for vending or gaming machines, medical equipment, exhibition kit, or safes and security equipment, we’re all set up to do a great job for you.

IT logistics: why Quest works best for you

And you can be sure that all the usual stand-out Quest Logistics benefits apply.

Trained, uniformed, friendly teams (no subcontractors), and flexible service to fit with your schedule. Liveried vehicles, specially equipped for IT removals with padding and strapping.

And an end-to-end service that not only gets your equipment seamlessly to where it needs to go, but looks after the before and after, too – including, if you need it, secure storage.

IT removals and collection: a safe pair of hands

From the very start of our engagement with you, we’re determined to understand how we deliver the best IT logistics and other specialist services, in the shortest time scales, with minimum disruption and maximum convenience for you.

We kick off with a site survey of both your premises and your relocation site, to flag any potential difficulties (don’t worry – we’ll solve them!) or the need for any of the specialist equipment we have.

This means that on the day, we arrive with everything we need – so no time-consuming trips back to base. We then quickly get to work on packing your equipment to protect it for its journey in our vehicle, where it will be further protected by strapping and padding.

Next stop: delivery!

Storage: secure, professional, flexible

If for any reason you need to store your precious IT assets or other high-value equipment offsite, our storage services - in a gated facility, with 24 hour security and temperature control - will definitely fit the bill.

And as with everything Quest, the service is built around your requirements. Need a long-term storage solution for large volumes of equipment? We’ve got the solution. Want short-term storage with the flexibility to put equipment back into service rapidly? We can do it.

Or if you need to store new equipment whilst it’s awaiting deployment or sale, we’ll keep it in pristine condition until you or your customers are ready for it. (And, of course, when that point comes, we can look after delivery, too.)

Specialists in the secure transport and storage of photocopiers, IT, and other high-value equipment – including delivery, collection relocation, recycling, and disposal.