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Welcome to Quest Logistics Ltd

Photocopier Logistics and IT Removals

The Complete Service: Collect, Install, Store, Refurbish, Recycle

Wherever in the UK you and your business are based, we've got your photocopier logistics, IT removals and relocation, and all associated processes covered - like nobody else.

We outperform and overdeliver, at highly competitive rates - and it's why our customers come back to us time and time again.

What we do - and why it works better for you

From our base in Bedfordshire, we provide a complete, end-to-end service for photocopier and IT logistics all across the UK and Europe - whether you're a dealer serving clients, or a business looking to move or replace your high-value office equipment.

But it's not just about getting your equipment to where it needs to go. It's also about adding value by looking after photocopier installation, removal, storage, refurbishment, recycling, and data wiping - as well as specialist services for IT and other high-value equipment.

In fact, wherever you need your machines to get to, and whatever further help you need once they're there, our team has well over 20 years' experience in tailoring the service to your specific needs, to deliver on time and on budget.

Specialists in photocopier relocation and more

At Quest Logistics, we're proud to be photocopier and IT logistics specialists, not van drivers - and we invest heavily in our teams and our equipment so our customers can be confident in that competence.

Our teams are trained to vendor and industry standards in all aspects of handling, moving, and installing high-value photocopiers and IT equipment.

Our fleet is specially equipped and, like our teams, is fully insured.

Our vehicles are liveried, and our people are uniformed. No unmarked vans, no contractors, no courier work, no mixed loads.

Just specialist, exclusively in-house personnel, in specialist vehicles, delivering a flexible, rapid-turnaround service customers immediately see they can trust.

Professionalism, values, sustainability

There's no “one size fits all” approach at Quest Logistics. We do what professionals should: go the extra mile to shape the solution to fit the customer's needs.

These values shape both what we do and how we do it. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with - friendly, courteous, with a single point of contact for each customer.

And we behave with the same respect towards the planet as we do towards people. Our photocopier disposal is extensively recycling-based, as is our IT equipment disposal, and we recycle all packaging.

Your photocopiers and IT equipment in safe hands

Get in touch today to get a quote and find out how we can help you with every stage of your photocopier and IT equipment logistics - securely, seamlessly, cost-effectively.

Specialists in the secure transport and storage of photocopiers, IT, and other high-value equipment – including delivery, collection relocation, recycling, and disposal.