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Photocopier Logistics Services

Moving copiers safely is only part of the story

With over 20 years’ experience in the logistics of high-value, sensitive office equipment, we know photocopier relocation is often what our customers approach us for first and foremost – and we’re experts at getting copiers to where they need to go safely and smoothly.

But we often end up doing a lot more than that for them too, once they find out we can look after every photocopier logistics phase in the book – including delivery, installation, commissioning, decommissioning, removal, storage, recycling, and disposal – as well as deal with their IT logistics needs, too!

Here’s what you can expect from our specialist photocopier logistics services.

Copier collection and relocation – 100% reliable

Seamless photocopier location and collection is how we built our reputation, and we offer a full service that also includes a site survey (to assess the relocation needs) and installation (so every copier’s ready for business when it’s reached its destination).

You can rely on us to decommission and safely pack your copier for maximum protection, before labelling it for transport in our specially equipped and padded vehicles. Nothing is left to chance, so you have total peace of mind that your copier will arrive in optimum condition.

Copier installation: everything taken care of

There’s much more to installing a copier than simply siting it where the customer wants it!

We carry out a full recommissioning to ensure the machine works exactly as it did when it was picked up, and give you a full demonstration of its functions so you can be sure it’s ready for duty.

All packing and packaging material is removed and taken away by our team for recycling, and we clean up after ourselves where necessary. In fact, the only clue you’ll have that we’ve been there is your carefully relocated and perfectly functioning photocopier!

Preparation: new copiers to your spec

We’re not just about moving in-use photocopiers from one location to another – we’re also skilled in preparing new photocopiers to your (or your customers’) specification, too.

In our purpose-built workshop, we unpack machines from the manufacturer or distributor, build them, set them up to meet you or your customers’ precise requirements, and – of course – deliver them to wherever they need to go, UK or Europe!

Secure storage: leave everything in our hands

Whatever your reason for needing to store copiers securely – a protracted office move, construction work on your premises, limited space in your own dealership, or preparation of new machines for delivery – our secure storage facility ticks all the boxes.

Long, short, or medium-term, we’ll keep your copiers and other high-value equipment – new or used – safe and sound, in a secure, temperature-controlled, professional environment.

Photocopier recycling and disposal: end-of-life solutions

Office machines and technology contribute hugely to the planet’s waste mountain, and we’re determined to do our bit to ensure copiers are disposed of responsibly, using recycling wherever possible.

If you’re considering photocopier recycling or disposal, whether in addition to or in place of photocopier relocation, we offer a cost-effective service compliant with the 2007 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

Specialists in the secure transport and storage of photocopiers, IT, and other high-value equipment – including delivery, collection relocation, recycling, and disposal.